Volunteers are welcome!

Shanti Bhavan welcomes volunteers with relevant qualifications and/or experience to assist in carrying out the mission of the institution. Minimum duration for volunteer service is four weeks and maximum is one year, although that may be extended in certain cases. We are not looking to volunteers to formulate policy or practice but rather to render assistance in executing our mission. We hope that volunteers continue to assist Shanti Bhavan even after their service at the institution, and help us raise funds and find sponsors of our children.

Goal: To supplement and assist Shanti Bhavan’s staff, introduce innovative techniques and diverse perspectives, and expose children to different cultures.

Each grade level has a set curriculum to follow, but volunteers are encouraged to use creative approaches and student engagement in their teaching. Ideas and approaches must, however, meet the approval of the principal. Global standards of education should be upheld while preserving the best of Indian education and culture. At the end of it all, the beneficiaries will be not only the students but also the volunteers who will gain from their interaction with children and staff and learn about Indian culture.

Duties: Teaching academic and/or non-academic subjects to children ages 4 -17 and taking part in other school activities. Experts are also needed to offer teachers and staff professional development workshops.

Volunteers have typically taught or assisted teachers in subjects such as arts, science, math, music, theater, and sports. They have also held remedial and study preparation classes and conducted tests, when required. Volunteers with special backgrounds in language and pronunciation, public speaking, ICSE and ISC preparation, library research, etc. are also generally needed. Teacher training and professional development expertise are of value.

Degree and/or certificate of eligibility to teach elementary, middle or high school or experience in teaching and administering school programs are preferred. However, students studying for teaching professions and those currently enrolled in an accredited college or university are also welcome. Those with college degrees and/or life experience in non-teaching areas are also invited to apply.

Application Guidelines: Applications for volunteer positions may be sent by email/mail to the address below. You must include your bio, the names of two references and your association with them (the references should send their letters of recommendation separately), and your cover letter describing:

  • volunteer position sought
  • reason/motivation for volunteering
  • special areas of interest/expertise that you can cover – e.g., arts, music, literature, sports, career counseling, teacher training, others (be specific)
  • preferred start and end dates for volunteering
  • any alternate period possible if preferred period cannot be accommodated

Amenities: Meals (mostly vegetarian) and good living arrangements at the school (in very hygienic modern facilities) will be provided free of charge. Volunteers who choose to spend week-ends off-campus will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation, travel, and food while off-campus. Occasional trips to Bangalore will be provided free of cost.

To apply, contact us at:

E-mail: info@shantibhavanonline.org
Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project
121 Hawkins Place, PMB 192
Boonton, NJ 07005 USA