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A Day (Un)like Any Other, 7:22

Follow in the footsteps of our children as they walk through a day at Shanti Bhavan, a day unlike any other. Our children come from the poorest communities in rural south India and are provided to an education unlike any other. Their day takes them through academic subjects, dance and music practice, athletics, nature walks, delicious meals and much more.

Shanti Bhavan Intro Video, 4:55

Shanti Bhavan is a home and exceptional school located in rural Tamil Nadu, India, for the region’s most socially and economically disadvantaged children. Learn about Shanti Bhavan and our amazing students in this introductory video.


Girls of Shanti Bhavan, 5:53

Meet the girls of Shanti Bhavan in this heartwarming video featuring some of our esteemed students. This video was premiered for the She’s The First Soiree on November 1, 2010.

Shanti Bhavan Dancing Holidays, 2:48

The kids love to dance. And the only thing they love more than dancing is showing off their dancing skills. Enjoy this video of the kids busting some moves and wishing everyone a very happy holiday.


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Choir Sings “Waving Flag”, 4:09

Watch as Shanti Bhavan’s junior choir practices and performs K’naan’s “Waving Flag.” The junior choir is directed by volunteers Michele Johnson and Shauna Payyappilly.

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Class of 2010 Graduation Video, 5:27

A slide show of the Shanti Bhavan’s Class of 2010 graduation video. Our inaugural class of graduates consisted for 14 students who are now attending fabulous universities in Bangalore.

Shipla Interview, 0:37

Meet Shilpa, one of our oldest female students, as she discusses her dreams of becoming a journalist.

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Thomas Friedman at Shanti Bhavan, 4:19

Acclaimed author and columnist for the New York Times, Thomas Friedman, visits The Shanti Bhavan School, talks with our principal and spends some time getting to know our unique students.


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Be sure to visit our YouTube page to see even more videos!