Shanti Bhavan is founded on the simple proposition that given the right opportunity, all children are likely to attain their full potential to succeed in life. Those who are more fortunate to be in better circumstances for whatever reason must help others who are deprived or disadvantaged in meaningful ways.

Success as defined by Shanti Bhavan consists of both professional achievements attained through good education, appealing personality, and leadership qualities, as well as personal happiness achieved from healthy positive relationships with others, sound character that draws respect, and humane actions that bring about emotional satisfaction.

Shanti Bhavan attempts to develop its children into completely well rounded adults with high accomplishments and strong values. The Shanti Bhavan program, hence, focuses on:

  • High academic accomplishment, understanding of important national and global issues, and ability to analyze complex and/or challenging ideas;
  • Develop proper social grace, appealing personality and interpersonal skills, and strong leadership qualities;
  • Embrace positive values with the desire and determination to act on them.

Among the many humane values that Shanti Bhavan attempts to instill in its children, greater emphasis is given to honesty, integrity, transparency, kindness, generosity, and concern for others who are deprived. Shanti Bhavan hopes that its children will, as adults, not only significantly improve the financial status of their immediate families, but will also help break the cycle of social discrimination their communities face. The broad vision they would have gained, and the financial strength they would have achieved will inspire and empower them to work toward making the world a better place for everyone.

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