A unique model of education.  An innovative solution to poverty.

Shanti Bhavan is more than just a school. Shanti Bhavan is a completely unique approach for educating the poor. No other model of educational intervention commits the same level of long-term and quality investment in the lives of these children, or holds more promise for their futures and those of their families.

Shanti Bhavan serves as a home and non-sectarian boarding school that provides a holistic upbringing in a high quality educational setting for these children of deprived backgrounds. Given proper care, support, and educational opportunities, these children will be able to succeed in life and bring about social change to their communities.

Rather than dilute our efforts to reach more children, Shanti Bhavan targets a select group of children who we believe have the highest chance of success. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of education possible. In the long run, this focused approach to education will allow our students to prosper alongside the more fortunate youth of India and provide a far greater impact on their communities.

In 2010, the school celebrated its first graduation of 14 students who had attended Shanti Bhavan since its inception in 1997. All 14 graduates were accepted into top colleges in Bangalore, all of which are considered among the most impressive undergraduate colleges in India. This is an unprecedented achievement for children coming from these communities and demonstrates the success of our model.

Shanti Bhavan seeks a quantum change in the trajectory of each child it serves. Our model is based on the following long-term goals:

  • Offer excellence in education to socially and economically disadvantaged children.
  • Create highly productive members of society with strong educational backgrounds and leadership skills and the confidence to act on their ambition.
  • Break the cycle of poverty permanently, and empower children with tools to carry others forward.

“The Shanti Bhavan School sits on a once-scorpion-infested bluff about an hour’s drive – and ten centuries – from Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. The students are mostly “untouchables” who are not supposed to even get near Indians of a higher caste … The school was started by Abraham George who came back to India with a single mission: to start a privately financed boarding school that would take India’s most deprived children and prove that if you gave them access to the same technology and education that have enabled other Indians to thrive in globalization, they could too.”

Thomas Friedman, New York Times journalist and author

Promoting Academic Achievement

The school follows the rigorous ICSE/ISC curriculum. A liberal arts approach until Grade 10 encourages the all-round personal development of children. Grades 11 and 12 focus on subjects in preparation for their career path. Highly trained and qualified faculty provides support and individualized attention to children in small class sizes. The students are prepared to enter top colleges on merit in the fields of their choice.

The success of our model is evident in the academic achievements of our students. The three most senior classes performed exceptionally well in the 10th Grade ICSE exams, with 100% of the students passing with First Division scores, and 50% of each class scoring even higher “Distinctions.”

Instilling Values

The school emphasizes globally shared values of honesty, integrity, transparency, and a sense of community. Students benefit from mentoring programs, counseling, lessons in life skills and programs in civic engagement, which encourage responsible citizenry and engender ethical and productive members of society. The children grow up with a sense of duty to help those who are in need anywhere in the world.

Upon returning home during summer and winter holidays, our students conduct classes in their villages on subjects such as mathematics and sciences. They are role models for many children in their villages and guide their households on matters of hygiene and health.

Inspiring Leadership

Shanti Bhavan allows children to express their personalities and be empowered, emphasizing a consistent theme of leadership. Through the Shanti Bhavan experience, students develop into well-rounded confident individuals with excellent interpersonal skills, capable of assuming positions of leadership in their future endeavors.

Shanti Bhavan’s partnerships help provide unique opportunities for our students to develop these skills. Our children study music with Juilliard trained musicians, compete in debates with Microsoft employees, and meet guests from all backgrounds of life.


Our Values

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