Shanti Bhavan is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity in the U.S. It is registered in India under the Indian Trust Act, and has 80-G tax exemption status. Your contribution is exempt from income tax as per the respective tax laws. Click here to access the 501(c) (3) approval document.

Your gift/donation will make significant positive impact to the lives of our children. We welcome all levels of donations – one-time, monthly/periodic, child sponsorship and material assistance. You may donate online, or you may send a check via mail to the address given in the section below on Payment Methods.

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Individual Donation in Support of Shanti Bhavan

You can contribute any amount, no matter how small. As Shanti Bhavan is both a home and a school for children from families that cannot afford to pay any sum, we meet all their needs. Just like any home, we provide residential care, food, clothing, medical attention and recreational supplies. In addition, we offer an excellent education for the children.

Your contribution, regardless of the size, will make a difference. The breakdown of operating expenses related to each child is provided here.

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Payment Methods

Online Donations

You may pay on-line using a U.S. dollar or other currency credit cards.

U.S. dollar credit card payments may be made directly by clicking the “Donate Now” button and selecting the “Pay by Credit Card” option on the second page.

Credit card payments in other currencies may be made by first clicking the “Donate Now” button, followed by selecting the “Pay by PayPal” option on the second page.

Check Donations

Mail your check in U.S. dollars or other convertible currencies payable to Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project Mail your check in Indian rupees payable to Shanti Bhavan Children’s Fund
Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project
121 Hawkins Place
PMB, 192
Boonton, NJ 07005, USA
Shanti Bhavan Educational Trust
No. 502, 5th C Main, 5th Cross, 2nd Block
HRBR Layout, Kalayanagar
Bangalore – 560 043

Wire Transfer

We have separate bank accounts both in India and the U.S. that receive donations made to Shanti Bhavan. In India, this account is maintained with ICICI Bank in Bangalore. In the U.S., the account is maintained with J.P. Morgan Chase. If you wish to make a donation by wire transfer, please contact us at

Sponsor an Individual Child

Your sponsorship of one or more children will help us meet all of their expenses including housing, meals, medical, recreation and schooling. We will provide you with periodic updates from the child, including a photo and letter. You may also choose to correspond with your child to share your support and love.make a donation

The cost of supporting a child’s residential and academic needs is $1,500 (Rs. 90,000) a year. This comes to $4 (Rs. 240) per day, just twice the World Bank’s broader definition for poverty level. You may continue this support every year for one or more children until they graduate from Grade Twelve. Help us bring a world-class opportunity to the most vulnerable by opening your heart to a child!

Dollars For Scholars Drive

Sponsoring a child for a year is one of the greatest gifts you can give the children of Shanti Bhavan, but it isn’t the only way you can help out. Just a dollar a day will go a long way.

For most of us, a dollar is nothing extraordinary. It might get you half your morning coffee or half your morning subway ride. But at Shanti Bhavan a Dollar a Day gets you much more than half of something ordinary. A dollar educates, feeds, houses, clothes and provides medical care for our Shanti Bhavan Scholars, and we think that’s pretty extraordinary!

Our Dollars for Scholars drive is recruiting a 1000 supporters to donate a Dollar a Day for a year. If we can meet this goal, it will be possible for us to enroll a brand new class of bright-eyed, vivacious pre-schoolers. We commit to educating, housing and caring for these little Scholars for 13 years, all the way through graduation.

Signing up is easy. Simply visit our online donation page, select a recurring monthly donation and set it for $31.00. You’ll be automatically debited each month. It’s as simple as that! You might not notice that dollar each day, but the kids at Shanti Bhavan certainly will.

Scholarships For College

The second batch of our 12th grade children will be going off to colleges this June in their chosen fields including engineering, business, environmental studies, law, hotel management and liberal arts.

make a donationRarely do students from these backgrounds graduate from high school, let alone attend college. By doing so they are making history and are able to one day change the world in their own way.

The parents of our children are poor and mostly illiterate. They are not in a position to financially support college tuition and expenses nor do they have the background to advise and help their own children. It is up to us to take on that responsibility and we cannot stop until the job is done. That is why we are working to identify good colleges in India which they can attend.

All of this is only possible with your financial support. The cost of supporting each graduate for one year of college is $3,200 (Rs. 1.75 lakhs). We need your contribution to make the college education of all 50 of our children this coming academic year possible.

You may choose to offer a scholarship to one child or donate smaller amounts for specific items. This is a major financial commitment and an opportunity to change the lives of 30 bright students. Help us make their dreams come true by contributing whatever you can.

Meet the students of our graduating class!

To donate online to a scholarship, please designate “college fund” when you donate.

Material Donations for the School

As a residential school that houses children, teachers and support staff, Shanti Bhavan has many needs similar to t hose of any home. Your material donations would greatly reduce our financial burden in obtaining these necessary items. We request those with corporate contacts to please look into the possibility of donating items produced by those companies.

We welcome donations in kind such as computers, books, footwear, clothing, sports equipment, medicines, stationery, audio-visual equipment, toiletries, and bath and bed linen. Please click here for our current “Wish List” of material needs of Shanti Bhavan.

You can also find our permanent list of supplies that are always needed on our Amazon Wish List page. If you order from here the supplies will be shipped directly to the school.

To organize a material donation, please contact us at