“My Heart”

My heart is as red as a rose
My heart is filled with love.
My heart is very happy every time.
My heart is as soft as a pebble.
Sometimes my heart feels sad.
My heart is filled with peace.
Hearts are red.
Everyone loves to draw hearts.
A heart is like a bottle of love.
Rough hearts are not there.
The heart is always happy.

By: Saranya Pandiyan
4th Grade

“Deep Sea Dive”

I got up in my bed.
I was under the sea.
I was a starfish.
I was as yellow as a banana, and
living in the sea!
I saw sting rays and sharks,
Chasing me around and around.
I was a terrible thing moving up
And down. There was an octopus crashing into a rock.
I picked it up, and it swung me.
It threw me away, and nobody could see me again.

By: Roselyn
5th Grade


Parakeets are my favorite bird,
But they won’t sing a word.
Suddenly, a bunch of parakeets occurred.
All the parakeets wanted nuts so they fluttered,
But few of them muttered.
The sky seemed to shatter when they flew across the sky.
I’ve seen them fly so high.
But I couldn’t say bye.
But I watched them as they flew,
When the earth was so dry.
All this was seen through my eyes.

By: Ruby Joy
6th Grade

“Shanti Bhavan”

I am from a village so poor,
A place which is a closed door,
a closed door from the city,
a place that seems so tasty.

I am from a place, a rural one,
a fatherless son.
I am from a place more unique than some.

But at present I am in a place,
full of beauty,
so much amazement,
and so much more than the world outside,
in which I was so used to slide,
from one house to another,
as a cow sheds its leather.

Now I’m so free from the world outside,
in peace and comfort.

By: Aishwarya
8th Grade

“I am From”

I am Puneeth Kumar from
the eyes of my mother,
my grandfather selling cucumber,
the scoldings of my sister,
the corn in the backyard,
the oily smell of pooris.
I am from the injured thumb of my grandpa,
the burnt body of my father,
the cut on my mother’s hand.
I am from the smell of flowers in Shanti Bhavan,
the speeches of my school’s founder,
and the advice of my housemothers.
I am from the blood of my dead father,
the sight of the burning clothes of my mother,
and from the teachings of my teachers.

By: Puneeth Kumar
8th Grade


I am from the smell of the wet mud.
I am from the taste of the raw mangoes.
I am from a land of joy.
I am from a school that has joy and peace.
I am from a place where trees dance and flowers sing.
I am from the smell of chocolate cake with chocolate icing on it.
I am from the taste of chocolates and sweets.
I am from the land of wonderful people (teachers and countries).
I am from where the birds sing every morning,
and everyone laughs every day.

By: Sujatha
8th Grade

“I am From”

I am from
The school called Shanti Bhavan,
A place much like heaven.
I am from
Playing basketball in the evenings
With all my team screaming.
I am from
Playing the piano
And singing like a soprano.
I am from
The smell the tulips in the fields
That the rich soil yields.
I am from eating delicious bread
With jam widely spread.
I am from
Watching the moon at night
With its pitch dark light
And observing the sun
At broad daylight
So that’s where I am from.

By: Thangaraj Raman
8th Grade

“Him – A Poem About Dr. George”

He-the feeling of the undefined;
The heart that accepted all races’ breath
That ultimate soul truthfully determined
Upon us, the story of stubborn hasty death.
The sculptor who carved that laughter is
He—who cares to light the dying stars,
His—gentle expressions of love in kisses,
That mocks the hatred of man’s endless wars,
Opening the artless mind from its confines,
To heal the wound that didn’t.
Fueling integrity to the incoherent lines,
His passion for mankind which couldn’t.
Him—Dr. Abraham M. George, the eternity
Of his courage, to be ours for infinity.

By: Nivya
9th Grade

“A Stick (an ode)”

The stick has held an old man
Not letting him fall
The stick has held the whip
That caused pain
It was held by a potter, used to shape his pot
A teacher holds it as she teaches her students
A Sheppard carries it as he takes home his sheep
The stick holds the flag, and carries with it respect and love for the nation.
Unity among people.

The stick has held for many long years
The fire that caused destruction
The fire that brought up man
The fire that caused death
The fire that led men to victory
The fire that has led me through life and fueled my living.

The fire has brightened the path life has for me.
It burns on that stick; which has done everything for man.

By: Gowtham R.
9th Grade

“A Coin”

Roll the coin across the floor
It will continue to roll.
You know not to which direction it will curve
You know not where it will stop.

Life takes you anywhere
Much like the rolling coin.
Into adversities
Into happy times.

Life isn’t peaceful always.
But adversities will stop, if you face them with courage.
Like the coin which rolls, changes direction and then halts!

By: Gowtham R.
9th Grade

“Let Your Life be as You Want it to Be”

Sense the wildness present in you
Smell the freedom you deserve
Hear the desire in your voice
Taste the sorrow and joy in life!
Feel the success of the world
Touch the glory of heaven.

Do you know that the sun comes down
Only to let the moon rise up in the sky!
Do you know that the bitter winter moves on
Just to let the joy of spring come in!
Do you know there’s an end in life on this earth
Because the gate to heaven is open for us!

Follow your heart, follow your dreams
Follow what you think is right
Life is wild and we can’t tame it
So follow your path and do what you think is right.

Let your soul be as magnificent as the moon,
Let your heart be ever blazing as the sun
Let your thoughts be like the vast galaxy.

By: Amrutha
11th Grade

“Don’t Push me out of Your Life”

I made one thousand, thousand promises to you.
I spent millions of hours thinking of you,
And now you leave me all alone.

And push me out of your life

What have I done to your life
to deserve this pain?
Tell me to my face, so I’ll try to change.
But don’t take me out of your life,
for I don’t think I deserve this.

What have I done in your life
that I deserve this pain?
Help me change my ways, help me mend my ways.
But don’t push me out of your life

If I have done anything wrong,
if I have pained you in any way,
tell me and I’ll try to change.

Let us be one, always be one.
Let us forever be one.
And please don’t push me out of your life.

By: Amrutha
11th Grade

“You’re Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!”

Yes, you may think you are right
but you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.
Yes, you may think you know everything
but you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.
Yes, you may think you know the truth
but you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.
Yes, you may think you can understand us
but you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.
For some things can be understood only by us,
and if you think you too can understand,
you’re wrong, wrong terribly wrong.

By: Amrutha
11th Grade

“I Feel the Power of Truth”

Why should I agree to the wrong
Why should I keep my mouth closed
When I know the truth

Why shouldn’t I tell the truth
Why shouldn’t I fight for it
Why should I accept the false they say
When I know that the truth is bound to come out anyway

Fight for the right, fight for what you know is right
Fight for what you are sure is right
Feel the power of truth with you.

To be continued…

By: Amrutha
11th Grade

“Open the world for me again”

It is my fault, you are crying
It is my fault you are sad
I never realized it would hurt you
Forgive me dear, please forgive me.

Why did I do that, I know not myself
Why did I waste your precious tears?
Ill never do that, I promise you again
Forgive me dear, please forgive me

Look at the sun, falling on you
Feel the breeze touch your skin
And now please tell that you forgive me
So that my life will be open to me again

By: Amrutha
11th Grade

“Untitled (stream of consciousness)””

A father turned away from me
Ever since I opened my eyes
Ever since I pressed my lips against her breast
Ever since I knew that he was my father

I remember the days when he left her crying

warm, I could taste the pain, sorrow and shame in her milk

He carried the name father merely in his heart not eyes
He thrust his feet harshly upon a child, a child non other than me, his own

He quenched his thirst, not with colorless water
But with a mind-turning drug alcohol

He filled my eyes with tears, tears that burnt down to my feet
When I, just two, witnessed a scene I never wanted to
My father drunk. In his throat, the urge of killing my mama
She, who believed in me, and who filled my eyes with life

The youngest, I felt I had added to a burden
But she reminded me I was hers, only hers
Although I resembled my father
I saw his eyes though mine, I saw his face through mine
But never could I see his love through mine

Never could I detect his hidden love
The gift that god bore everyone with
His cravings for alcohol verses my craving for his love
He never spoke of me. Instead he stood, with open arms
To fill his heart- not with me
But to embrace alcohol

He spoke his last words not of love
Not of me
Not even of our mama, but of alcohol
His last breath was with a mist of alcohol
Although I never felt his breath nor the warmth of his hug
Although his fragrance of love shrunk
And his strength as a father tapered
Although my smile and love was a mere water glass to him.
He is my father, my only father

I knew the eyes that proved innocence
Disturbance and alcohol submerged it
Deep down I knew he was godly
But he turned toward alcohol
Where his soul felt calm and restored

Today I speak before you not as me
But just as the finger of many hands
As a victim where alcohol embarrassed love
Of the one who is yours.

By: Triveni C.
11th Grade


It has a hidden glitter,
Not like gold
It should be a mystery
Never to be told
Its invisible
Not to be rolled
It loses its beauty
When it is sold.

By: Triveni C.
11th Grade

“Dear God (prayer)””

Let me see joy
In every tear of sorrow
Let me live not in the past
But near tomorrow

Me just one character
Over which I’ll not regret later
Let me drift away
From evil with true zest

And in my studies do my very best

Give me true beauty from within
And after a victory, the strength
To tell myself I have yet to win.

By: Chaithra
11th Grade

“I’m There”

Never think I’ve deserted you
Never think I’ve left you alone
Never think I’m not there for you
Cause really I am with you…
Though my words don’t seem enough
I don’t know how else to express
So here I am talking to you
Telling as much as I can…
Every rose does have a thorn
Every cloud does have a tear
Everyday has some sorrow
But I really do note hate you
Please don’t walk away
Cause because I know you know
All I’ve got id you.
You’re the princess of my heart;
And the alloy of joys and sorrows…
You are my special one…
So, come on, just stay with me.
The world doesn’t end at sorrow
The soul doesn’t die at a word,
Cause you and me can go forever
Just together, just you and me…

By: Chaithra
11th Grade

“I’m You’Oholic”

You’re gone- gone with the wind
You left a piece of your heart with me.
You never know how I feel just now
You are drifting far, far away…

Oh, come back for me
It’s you my heart is craving for
I’m you’oholic- I’m crazy on you

Let me know once more,
How it is to be loved
To see you eyes, a smile on your lips
Once more just let me know
You were my light,
My guide, my teacher…
You were my friend, my world
Perhaps everything…

Oh, come back to me
It’s you my heart is craving for
I’m you’oholic- I’m crazy for you.

Let me once more into your heart
Let me know you’ll be there for me
Let me feel a friend for the last time
Oh! Please just come and let me know…

By: Chaithra
11th Grade


As a ray touches the sky
As that sun touches dawn
As that sun touches twilight
You are asleep.
Something absolute comes along
It touches him
Makes warmth
It feeds him
Makes comfort
It nurtures him
Makes fullness
This is indescribable
Passionate and true
Immoral to me
And to you.
This most used four letter word
Is LOVE!!!

By: Arun R.
11th Grade

“She Asks (for my mom)””

She is not seen, but is present in me
Deep in my heart
Where love is expanding.

She shows me the heavens
Where love sings harmony
She prays to the almighty God
And asks him to forgive all my sins.
She asks the angels, to guide me in this world
She asks the birds, to watch over me while I walk

She asks the butterflies to give color to my life
She asks the flowers to fill the air with their fragrance
She asks the trees to give me their shade.

She asks the nightingales to sing me their sweetest songs
She asks the stars to shine upon me
She asks the moon to give me a sound slumber
In the morning, she asks the sun
to keep me warm from the chill of frost

She asks the earth to bear my weigh
She asks the gravitation to keep me from departing her
She asks the wind
to not blow me away from her

She asks the bees to not sting me at all
She asks sorrow not to stay to long
She asks anger
to keep away from me

She begs death not to visit me
And life not to betray me
What more can she ask for?

By: Abilash
11th Grade


Life is a mystery
Unknown to both men and women
Life is love
Love is life
It conquers a human’s spirit
It conquers a human’s heart

The future is a mystery
It lies beyond our dreams
The past forgotten
It lies beyond our memories
But the present is remembered forever

The sun dawns the harsh rays on us
Radiating his anger through heat
But the moon’s true love glows from within
Gently lighting up the dark skies
And the stars twinkle around the moon.

By: Abilash
11th Grade

“Being Different”

Life has to be lived
Life has to be lived to its fullest
Life is what you think it is
But it’s totally different for me.

Accepting differences is not very easy
It is not easy even for me
But I am different and I know I am different so
Let it be the way it is.

Being different from the others
Is really what you are
So be it
The world may turn away from you because.

Accepting differences is not very easy
It is not easy even for me
But I am different and I know I am different so
Let it be the way it is.

You do not worry because the day
The world will turn to you
Because there is something crazy in you
And the only difference is the difference between
You and me.

By: Manikantan
11th Grade


I stand here watching…as the wind sway her hair on my face.
I stand still.
Waiting for her to tell she loved me.

Looking at her walking down the rock towards the green and brown fields.
I saw tears dropping from her eyes.
Onto the already soft wet sand the wind blew her hair on her face.

I looked closely at her and saw that there was no passion in her face,
Or any ecstasy which was always within her.
I changed when you were with me.
Only both of us lost in a world of our own,
and you said you loved me,
and I truly believed you.

Waiting for her to tell she loved me. I looked into her face.

And saw a faraway look behind her eyes.
Something made me realize everything’s wrong because
there was no twinkle in her eyes.

I remember the days; not knowing you would desert me so soon.
You are like the stars, winking down upon me,
beating a black hole after your departure.

But always remember,
that I am waiting for you.
But I still can’t believe,
you deserted me so soon.

By: Poovorasan
11th Grade

“My Friend”

Shall I compare you
To a hot summers day
For you shine as bright
As the eyes of may
Though the winds
You here from away
You are my only friend

The eternal summer shall never fade
Nor shall death take you to its shade
So long as men can breathe and eyes can see
You shall be in me

I look at myself and
Curse my fate
Wishing I had the chance
To be taken by the deaths state
I had never had the chance
To come to your gate
To learn how fate
Has turned to this wealthy state

In this world which is wide
All your talents hide
In the face of the daily tides
This tide was your guide
Which relieved your talents that hide
My friend.

By: Shilpa
11th Grade

“The Way of Love”

I knew love could not lead thee
In the ways of strangeness
It ain’t blissful for they face
Nor sorrow for the dew
It ain’t a dark secret
But defiantly dangerous
Love’s moonlight hovering over stillness
Has petrified the winding thoughts
And scattered cupids all along
Eyes see their reflection in eyes
That dreamed of loves ledged
Fear is fearing the simple love
And joy no good ambassador
Gloomy days induce the love
And sunny days vaporize it
Into thy glossy hearts
Sneering is for hatred
An antidote for love
Searing pain stands with love
Buried deep in our hearts.

By: Shilpa
11th Grade


Life is not what it seems to be
In this unpredictable world
With it’s ups and downs, twists and turns
Life is a strange mystery.
Every day goes on without us knowing
What will happen next.
But we have the power to shape the road ahead.
We have our own stories, written for a cause.
We have our own backgrounds, from where we were born.
We are different in many ways
We are humans certainly we are,
But till the end we live for a good cause.
We share the same purpose ahead.
Until the end, we shall live to make this world a better place,
Even though life may get in the way.

By: Shilpa
11th Grade

“The Moment”

The cheering banners and horray-ing T-shirts
The wave of still stuck their heart;
But he ran with the wind catching
What he deared
The ball was his own- there was only
One thought;
He had worked for this with every
Muscle and every bone.

He leaped! The wind stopped
The ball held to the sky
Yells and cheers stung his ears
With that last swing of his
Spiked leg it went in-
Rushing with glory
Past the frustrated and fury
And on the ground he lay still
Muted by his victory
And deafened by his heart
He ran into the arms of history
And quietly knew- there was an eternal start.

By: Rajani
12th Grade


Bearing myself hard against lonely treated
To the lawless untamed me newborn
Oft to the sprout called unto heeded
I got myself out unborn and un-torn
Mistake does the sun spearing its shine
Only prick does the rose to the kind heart
For which I applaud to gesture past time
And then bring myself to what the soul
Has got.
Bore the tide or bear the sun choice
Tried the sea on man’s bellow and tall
And at those times found in myself the
Only voice
That departed gnawing and people
Why bear the world, its snares and
Fancies for fools
When I can’t bear to see me trip
On hardships’ tools.

By: Rajani
12th Grade