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“The robotics workshops were really engaging because we learned how to use our imagination to create something new. I liked that we could make robots to look like how we desired—they could be cute robots too! We worked on designing our robots by recycling pieces of junk instead of throwing the material out. I learned how to work on a team, cooperate with others, and really expand my creativity. We moved and controlled the robots through Scratch programming, which was really cool to see!” —Shormila, 6th Grade

Shormila was not alone in discovering new dreams in computer science last month.

Eduard Muntaner, a long time volunteer who was on his 9th visit, brought his passion for robotics into the classrooms of Shanti Bhavan. The students were eager to learn to fly a drone, but they learned even more than that.

The 6th–12th grades took a deep dive into sensors and motors, and by the end of Eduard’s stay had learned to make robots in several different ways! Jordi, Mariona, and Irene engaged the younger students in robot programming—the Kindergarteners were so surprised that they could control a live robot themselves! It was an incredible visit for all and we’re sure we now have some aspiring robotics professionals.


Teacher Spotlightsophia_2

Having studied Law at Humboldt University, Sophia began her career in the German Government but wanted to see how the issues she fights for play out first-hand. She was inspired by the book Half the Sky, by Nicholas D. Kristof, which spoke about how critical it is to educate girls if you want to change the future. That led her to Shanti Bhavan by way of our partner, She’s the First.

Her favorite thing about working at Shanti Bhavan is the children. She loves teaching 4th grade Science because of how eager and curious the students are. She enjoys talking to different students and discovering what it means for them to be at Shanti Bhavan.

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