Sowndhariya Nargaj

Grade: 5th Grade

Age: 9

From: Bagalore

Family Background: Sowndhariya’s mom works at a juice factory and her father works at a rice factory. She has one sister who is in 10th grade.

Overcoming Challenges: When Sowndhariya first came to Shanti Bhavan, she only spoke Kannada, not English. The Shanti Bhavan teachers taught in English, and Sowndhariya struggled to understand what was being taught in class. She studied hard and took a liking for English. Now, Sowndhariya’s English is great!

Hobbies: Sowndhariya’s favorite hobbies are playing hide and seek and basketball and watching movies. Her favorite movie is the new film Brave.

Favorite SB Memory: There was a volunteer she liked who came back to Shanti Bhavan after being gone for some time. Sowndhariya remembers laying in her bed in the dorm after story time one evening and this volunteer was talking about how much she had changed and become a smart person. Hearing that made Sowndhariya very proud and it helped her to realize that she could be a very good person.

Future Goals: Sowndhariya would like to be a doctor because her father has pain sometimes and she would like to be able to cure him.