Child of the Week: Rahul Balikrishnan 

Name: Rahul Balakrishnan

Grade: 8

Age: 13


Family Background: In my family I have a mother and no father. I am the only son so I have no brothers or sisters. My mother works in the cotton industry. I live in a village that is 4 kilometers from the big town Salem in Tamil Nadu.

Overcoming Challenges: One of my challenges was coming to Shanti Bhavan. It was a big challenge because it was like moving from one planet to another planet. I felt like an immigrant. It was tough because I didn’t know the language or the people and so I had to learn very quickly. This was a hard challenge for me.

Hobbies: My hobbies are to play soccer, draw Disney characters, listen to music and most of all play chess. I like to play chess because the moving of the coin and trying to win the battle against your enemy is very interesting. I also like making the plans to kill your enemy’s troops.

Favorite Memory at Shanti Bhavan: My favourite memory at Shanti Bhavan was when my first P.E teacher taught me how to play soccer. I thought this was cool because we got to dirty our legs and hands in the game. I love to play in the sand and kick the ball. My other best memory at S.B. was when I learned the alphabet and what words are made of what letters. My best letter was R because it stood for my name. Those were my two best memories at Shanti Bhavan.

Future Goals: My future goals are to become an aerospace engineer and a soccer player. I want to become an aerospace engineer because I want to see the world from above. I’ve already seen it from down below. When I go up to the clouds I will feel like I’m visiting God. Not only this, I want to become an aerospace engineer to increase the amount of airplanes in India. I want to make better ones which will use less petrol and will go to the farthest places.

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